Melbourne to Hong Kong to Macau

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We have just arrived at our hotel in Macau after a midnight flight out of Melbourne followed by an adventure finding our way from Hong Kong airport to Macau. It is currently 10am local time, so it took about 13 hours to get here. We can’t check-in yet so we are just hanging around in the lobby, which disappointingly doesn’t seem to have wireless. The hotel/casino is very classy though, giant chandeliers and marble all over, no expense spared.

Figuring out the Hong Kong rail system and how to get to the Macau ferry was an experience, but didn’t turn out to be too tough. The train was super clean, very quiet and highly efficient. It was an unfamiliar feeling to be surrounded by everyone talking a different language even though most of the signs and announcements are in English also. The ferry itself was a bit of a mad rush, you had to put your luggage up the front and then go back to your seat, which made for a crush of people. The journey to Macau took about an hour and once we got off it was like a A$4 cab ride to the hotel.

The weather is overcast, coolish and very smoggy, the density of the HK skyline I would imagine to be even more spectacular on a clear day.

We just order toasted ham and cheese sandwiches in the lounge and they have come out with Doritos as the side dish which we thought was kind of amusing. We will probably just be hanging out and taking a bit of a look around the next few hours up until we can check-in.

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