Poker Sites On Leaked Australian Blacklist

I predicted this months ago when news of a mandatory filter on Australian internet first came to light. The blacklist of sites was leaked today and low and behold every major poker site is on it. While the legislation is unlikely to be passed, it is still kind of scary that some time in the future some bureaucrat could impose themselves on our online freedoms.

I really feel like an online poker ban is political suicide. The game and the online version of it has become very mainstream in recent years. PartyPoker is the 44th most popular site in Australia and many of the other major operators would be in the top few hundred. Not only would these sites be blocked, but any sites linking to them would be. How many banner ads and links to poker rooms are there? Tens of thousands of sites would be blocked, the least of which would be this very blog. When you add in that poker isn’t the only thing and popular sites such as redtube have been included, the public response isn’t going to be great.

Any Australian poker players reading this, have a good think about joining the LDP ( They are big supporters of online freedoms.

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