Saw Rhys Darby Live!

For those of you who don’t know who Rhys Darby is, he is a New Zealand comic who plays band manager Murray Hewitt on the HBO TV show Flight of the Conchords and he was recently in the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man. FOTC is one of my favourite TV shows and without him the show would be nothing, so when I heard he was coming to Melbourne to do stand-up I was keen to go.

The show got underway 15 minutes late and started pretty slowly. Rhys came out in character as a New Zealand Park & Wildlife Ranger. He was then joined by another New Zealand ‘comedian’ who was pretty poor and got heckled a little bit, but I did feel that was a tad harsh. That part lasted about 30 minutes and then there was this ridiculous 20 minute intermission.

It was all worth it in the end though because after the break Rhys came out as himself and did a routine that went for over an hour I’d say. His act has a lot of sound effects and physical comedy, as well as some self-deprecating stories. There were heaps of laughs and I walked away very glad I went to see him. I’ve included a little clip to give you an idea of the stuff he was doing.

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