Lazy Blogger, Bad Boy! Sit. Lie Down. Roll Over… Good Boy!

I’ve been terribly inept in my blogging this month and for that I apologise. I wouldn’t say that I’m suffering from burn out, but the last few weeks have just been a real grind poker wise. So my lack of updates and posting can probably be attributed to that and just a general lack of anything interesting to say.

Febraury has been a pretty poor month, but I’m just going to get on with it. A lot can happen in the next week to turn it around. I guess what is most disappointing about it is that I haven’t exactly helped my own cause in many instances. I mean it is unrealistic my ‘A game’ all the time, but I’ve let myself get rattled and distracted from my decision making process.

Everybody has their breaking point I guess, and I feel like I crossed that line a few days ago. One asset that I’ve really developed in recent times is an ability to put a session behind me as soon as I close down. Thankfully, I still manage to do that. If you can’t still smile and laugh at the end of the day, no matter what goes down at the poker table, then you won’t make it.

I wanted to write a big article on this, but I don’t know whether I have the time or the motivation to do it. It is just such an incredibly important skill as a poker player to be able to play decently even after getting smashed multiple sessions in a row. Anyone can play well while they are winning, a lot of people can play well through small downswings, but few have the character to withstand a sustained assault on their bankroll. Hopefully, writing some of these thoughts down will help me execute a bit better in my next few sessions.

Hong Kong/Macau Trip
Rohan(RaiderDuck) and I are now officially locked in for late March/early April for 11 nights. In Macau, we are staying at the Star World Casino, which seems to have pretty good proximity to the few casinos that actually have poker rooms over there. I think more than Macau I am looking forward to Hong Kong and the cultural experience that it should offer. It’s really good to have something on the horizon to look forward to during my current period of mindless grinding.

I’m really happy with my progress and efforts at the gym lately. I had to lay off weights for a few days because of a pinched nerve in my back, but I still went and swam everyday. I bought an exercise bike for home the other day and since then I’ve been riding 20km as soon as I wake up each morning. Very pleasing that I’ve slotted into a routine with it all and haven’t slacked, even when given an excuse. I’m going to the podiatrist to pick up my new orthotics on Tuesday. Once I get them, I hope to be back to 10k runs in no time.

Tomorrow is the last day of play for the season and we are batting. I got a decent bowl last week and took a wicket, meaning I’ve taken at least one wicket the last four games we’ve played. Definitely feeling a lot more confident and happy with what I’m bowling than I was before the new hear. It is obviously sad that the season is over, but we are having a big casual game in the park amongst friends next week and we will still have indoor through the winter. Indoor Cricket finals are coming up in two weeks time and we need to have a good game this week to sure up a double chance.

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