My First Liberal Democratic Party Meeting

If you’ve been reading my blog the last few months you will have noticed one of my goals has been to become involved in the LDP. The LDP is a very small political party that most closely represents my Libertarian ideals. Tonight was the first opportunity I have had to attend one of the meetings. I was a little bit nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect. As it turns out it was only a very small gathering and I wasn’t the only one that was attending for the first time. The guy that was meant to be moderating didn’t even show, but still a lot of good discussion took place and plans are in place for future more productive meetings.

It was a group of very intelligent guys and if I took one thing away from it, I now have an eagerness to study and read a lot Libertarian books and essays. I’m definitely going to post off my application form to join the party tomorrow and am looking forward to helping them get recognition for the next State election. Apparently, 300 more members are required. Membership is free, so if you think you might be interested take a look at the web site and think about how good it would be not to have to vote for the lesser of two evils.


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  • diving into the politcal process is fun and inspiring. but the realities of the cut throat processes involved can sour anyone with a selfless agenda. don’t let them burn you out and always remember the ideals that inspired you to become involved.

    always be objective and never be afraid to think you could have got it wrong. political philosiphies should evolve. take as much time to learn and understand your opponent’s position as you do your own and the political discourse will be thankful for it.

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