Mid-Month Update

Haven’t been playing quite as much as I was in the last few months of 2008 and I feel a lot better for it. I’ve been reviewing my hands with regularity and studying pretty hard, which is something I didn’t really get a chance to do late last year. I’m on track to meet my goals for the month and already brainstorming what I want to achieve with February. At this point I’m thinking I want to get away from PokerStars a bit, or at least full-ring.

Now that Obama has been sworn in as US President the poker community is holding it’s breathe hoping that he will over turn the UIGEA legislation. It probably isn’t the highest thing on the agenda, so it might take a while. There is at least hope though.

The last couple of weeks of cricket, both indoor and outdoor, have had many highs and lows. The last two matches of outdoor we’ve bowled first in a one-dayer. I’ve taken two wickets both times and we’ve been set a gettable target. Only to wind up failing to chase it down with me coming in down the order and not scoring any runs to help get us over the line. So I’ve been pleased with my bowling and feeling more confident, but upset that I’ve been getting out cheaply batting.

In indoor it’s been much the same story, my incredible batting consistency is gone and I’m starting to lose wickets again. And bowling wise I probably had one of the best games ever last week. Going into the last over the scores were tied 63 all, so we needed wickets to win. Early in the over we got a run out and Brad took a catch at the back and it looked like we’d won the match being 7 ahead with two balls to go. Then on the second last ball a 7 gets hit off my bowling and scores are tied again going into the last ball. Obviously, my plan was to float a ball well outside off stump and hope that he misses it and we get a dot ball (a tie would mean we win). Even better he edged it and Mike took a magical catch as wicket keeper and we won the game by five.

I’ve been very disciplined with my gym this month and I’m starting to notice the results. Thanks to Rohan for inspitring me and pointing me in the right direction with stuff. I’d like to be doing more cardio and stuff, but with cricket and cricket training as well I don’t think my body can handle many big runs/swims at the moment.

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  • 24th = mid-month? All these years I never knew…

  • I conceed to you Mr. Actuary šŸ˜› But it was kind of an update on what I have been doing through the middle of the month.

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