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My venture into the world of live donkaments wasn’t really all that blogworthy, but I’ll share the details anyway. I basically ran completely card dead for the most part, and the times I did pick up hands they didn’t go so well. I never got above my starting stack of 5,000 and last about 5 or 6 levels. The first big hand I picked up was QQ utg, I raised and the button and big blind called. Flop came ace high (yay), I decided to c-bet and just try and take it down, the button insta-insta called, the big blind folded and I just check folded the turn and the button showed me an ace (like I didn’t know).

The next hand I picked up was TT, raised and got four callers obviously, just check-folded on a king high flop and the guy who bet showed his king. A couple of hands later I got AA on the button, of course it folds to the HJ who limps, I raise and everybody folds… great. So my stack is slowly dwindling, everytime I pick up a somehwat shoveable hand someone opens or theres and open and a re-raise. I pick up AQ in MP with about a 13 big blind stack, a guy who had been realtively tight and just had me covered shove in the seat before me. I was mulling over my decision when the guy behind me gets really excited and pre-maturely calls. I could just tell HE had a huge hand and witht he original shover being kind of tight I let it go. It ended up being 66 vs. QQ where the sixes sucked out so I dodged going broke there. It was just a painful process of folding folding folding until I eventually got it in with K9 vs. AK and couldn’t suck out.

Hui had a bit better time of it, he actually managed to run up a bit of a chip stack. His starting table had Joe Hachem at it as well as a start Australian Rules footballer. He managed to bluff Hachem in a hand where he flatted his raise with 55 on the button pre-flop and then bluff raised a T high flop. Hachem told him he laid down AT,  but who knows. Later on he got moved to a table with Dario Minieri and a few other big names and held his own. At the end of the day though he got bsuted out right near the end, which was probably more painful and annoying than what happened to me.

Overall, it was an itneresting experience, but as with whenever I play live it really makes me appreciate the online game. Live poker is just so freaking slow and incredibly tilting…. and yeah everyone knows how much donkaments suck. The level of play wasn’t all THAT terrible, I mean there was a lot of stupid shit going on like limping and guys flat calling for half their stack and then check/folding flops, but still tehre were some guys who seemed to have somewhat of an idea what they were doing.

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