Canberra Trip Report

Sorry for my lack of blogs lately I’ve been out of town. On the 2nd of January Rohan and I headed back up to his new place in Canberra. It is about a 7 hour drive from Melbourne and I’m sure not many of the internationals reading this have ever heard of it even though it is the nation’s capital.

Rohan purchased this house late last year and has just moved in so I thought I’d come and stay before he gets his room mates in. When we arrived we had a bit of trouble getting his internet connected and I started having panic attacks that I might not be able to play poker online for a few days. We eventually got it up and running though and I managed to grind a decent amount while I was up there. The house itself was pretty solid and I was somewhat jealous that he had a place to call his own. Hopefully this year I’ll be in the same position as him.

On the day before I left a 2+2er and former full-ring grinder Joey (punish15) came over and watched us play for a bit. It was good to meet him in person after chattign wtih him on MSN a bit, playing against him and seeing him post a lot on the forums. I’m going to play the $1100 no limit event at the Aussie Millions tomorrow so who know I’ll meet there, hopefully I go deep and I can write an epic blog about i.

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