A Tale of Going All-in Blind

Last night I had a home game donkament at my house, small buy-in and just a bit of fun. It was down to the final table when Rohan and I were bothg etting relatively short. I was in the small blind and he was in the big blind and before the hand began we agreed to go all-in blind if it was folded to us. Sure enough it was and we ended up doing it. The first card I squeezed over was an ace and sure enough so was the second one, pocket aces after going al-in blind, pretty sweet.

Rohan had K4s and before the flop came down I begged to make it interesting by putting a king or four on the flop. Sure enough the flop came K82 and the tension mounted. Then I called for a 4 on the turn and a deuce on the river hoping for a roller coaster. The dealer slowly burned and turned 4th street and the table went into rapture as a 4 came down, Rohan now had the best hand but I still had outs.

That was nothing compared to the roar that went up when the river came a 2 and I re-sucked out. It was just a crazy course of events for me to be dealt aces all-in blind, call for a card on the flop and for it to come and then accurately predict what both the turn and river would be.

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