January Goals

January Goals
34k VPPs at PokerStars
– Extreme Fitness – Lots of gym, runs, and gut-busting physical activity
– Release 600k Milestone Bonus
– Poker Sche
ma Development – Study hard
– Take some shots at $3/$6+ on Non-US Sites and maybe Stars and FTP

December Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Reach 600,000 PokerStars VPP Milestone
Be at 593,000 VPPs by X-mas
$3,000 of sports wagering at BetCRIS
Repair my bike for the summer

Finish web site
Finish web site
Finish web site
4 Days a week at the gym
Get 15 new sites on my blogroll
Aim to average 80 page views a day

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  • Why were you trying to play me Heads-Up?
    You think I suck?

  • I need 2 VPPs for 600k, just opened a random table

  • hi
    how do you like your Dell Studio 17?
    Thinking about getting one…

  • Yeah it is really good. The screen size is awesome and it is a powerful beast that never lets me down while mega-tabling.

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