Cricket, Poker, Summer… Awesome

Haven’t done a blog in the while so just thought I’d do one about random life happenings. So Rohan (RaiderDuck) came down from Canberra on Boxing Day and I picked him up at the airport and then we headed straight to the MCG for the first day of the Boxing Day test match between Australia and South Africa. The first day’s play only really had one highlight and that was the Ricky Ponting century, apart from that it was slow and somewhat boring to watch at times.

When we got back home from the days play we hit the tables for a bit, with the pressure of reaching the 600k milestone off it is nice not to have to be worried about getting hands in or anything like that. In the last week or so I’ve been taking some shots at $3/$6nl, mostly because I’ve been noticing a few decent games. I feel like I’m doing pretty well, haven’t analyzed my results or anything and have no idea how I’ve actually done.

The second day’s play of the test match was a lot more entertaining as Australia wrestled the lead in the match from South Africa. Siddle and Hauritz both bowled really well and the selector’s were vindicated in their decision to go with them for the match. We will be going to the match again tomorrow and then will probably hit Crown afterwards and might even play some live pokers (lol). If we do, I’ll be sure to post a report as there is a possibility we will be meeting up with some other 2+2ers there.

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  • added you to my links! Nice meeting you!

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