2009 Poker & Life Goals

2009 Poker Goals
– 400,000 VPPs (assuming PokerStars VIP club remains relatively the same)
– Play more on non-US sites
– Play less tables more
– Learn Pot Limit Omaha
– Learn and play more MTTs
– Win a Multi-Table Tournament
– Get a coach or mentor for higher stakes
– Play more short-handed
—-  At least 50,000 Heads-Up Hands
—- At least 200,000 3-6 Players Hands
– Attend an APPT event
– Take a trip to Macau
– Qualify/buy-in for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2010
– Make some videos
– Coach some micro stakes players
– Meet some more 2+2ers in real life

2009 Life Goals
– Buy a house
– Keep fit and healthy
– Plan for the future, figure out what I want to get out of life
– Join the Liberal Democratic Party
– Travel within Australia a little more

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  • I’ll be your mentor.

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