Dear Santy Claws

Dear Santy Claws,

For this year’s installment of the day that reminds me how crap organised religion is and how much commercialism makes me want to puke I would like a nice shiny red bike! Not really… here is what I would really like…

a) Continued health, happiness and prosperity for family, friends and myself.

b) More freedom including a completely free and liberal internet. The government has no business in my or anyone else’s usage of the web when it does no harm to others.

i) Overturn the UIGEA, let people know that there is nothing morally or legally wrong with playing poker or gambling on the internet. Let politicians stop pretending that anyone buys the fact that their opposition to online gambling is anything but a reflection of the fact that they don’t get their dirty paws on as much of the gambling revenue pie.

ii) Make sure the Australian government does not filter the internet in any way that will have a detrimental impact on speeds or the ability of anyone to use it for private purposes that bring no hurt to others.

c) Smaller government…  Centralised government is so wasteful, inefficient and intrusive. I don’t want to live in a society where such a small number of people have such a large influence over my day to day life. Empower me, give me choice, create competition between smaller governments and thus create more efficient and productive outcomes.

d) I’d like continued fall of interest rates combined with a bottoming out of the housing market and continued depreciation of the Australian dollar. Easy.

e) I’d like some sporting success. Let us win an indoor cricket title this season. Let the Lions make the finals and go deep into September for the first time since 2004. Let the Storm not save their worst game of the season until the Grand Final. Let the Australian cricket team disocver the next Shane Warne or Glen McGrath.

f) World peace and all that crap.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been a good boy this year, so you should have no problem with all that…


The Eureka Kid

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  • That is quite posibly the best Christmas list I have ever read, if Sata gives you half of it the world will be a much brighter place.

    Happy holiday’s xxx

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