Indoor Cricket Hat-Trick

I took my first ever real match hat-trick last night at indoor cricket and it was a timely one. With the opposition on 78 going we were looking down the barrel of a 90+ total, which is usually pretty tough to chase. The first ball of my over was an edge that hit the back side net and went to the keeper for a caught behind. The batsman seemed to get frustrated and next ball decided to charge me by walking away from the ball, he ended up having an air swing and the ball cleaned bowled him hitting the top of middle stump. The guy clearly didn’t learn his lesson because he charged my the very next ball as well, missed it again and was stumped.

We ended up restricting them to 69, I had a frustrating batting performance, but I was probably due for one. Matt Roebuck, a random 2+2er and micro stakes full-ring player that I added to MSN one day and somehow got to play indoor cricket one time played for us again last night. He was the star for the team at the end hit the winning runs and kept cool under pressure.

Agent Orange is currently sitting on top of the table and Ir eally feel good about how we are playing, especially since we are winning gmaes when we are making a lot of mistakes. With so much room for improvement the future is looking bright.

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