Aces Against Two Non-Regulars

I’ve got a number of different responses from various regulars I’ve asked about this hand, so I thought I’d post it here and try and get some consensus. I haven’t seen either of these guys at 400nl (or anywhere) before this session. I didn’t see the hand that MP1 got his stack with and haven’t seen him showdown in any big pots. Anyway… what range are you putting him on here and what action do you proceed with mindful that there is another guy in the hand too?

Poker Stars $2/$4 No Limit Hold’em – 9 players
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CO: $606.50
BTN: $412.80
SB: $400.00
BB: $403.40
UTG: $718.10
Hero (UTG+1): $429.50
UTG+2: $400.00 – 19/10 over 70 hands
MP1: $901.20 50/16/1.7 over 70 hands
MP2: $400.00

Pre Flop: ($6.00) Hero is UTG+1 with A A
UTG calls $4, Hero raises to $20, UTG+2 calls $20, MP1 calls $20, 6 folds

Flop: ($70.00) T J J (3 players)
Hero bets $52, UTG+2 calls $52, MP1 raises to $104, Hero??

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  • I only play 100NL, but I think if either of these guys has anything but a pure bluff, you are flipping at best and behind a lot of the time.

    The only non-air range I can see MP1 doing this as an unknown would be KQss/87ss/TT/Jx and maybe something weird like Q9s. I think UTG+2’s call pretty much stops MP1 from bluffing.

    Being that we’re now sandwhiched between MP1 and UTG+2, I’d just muck it. I don’t see UTG+2 calling a 3/4 PSB and folding to a minraise, especially if you call. I’m actually more scared of UTG+2 than I am of MP1.

  • Ur probably beat.

    I dont call this unless you have some serious crazy history with MP1 and UTG is just dumb/passive.

    BUT – you’re getting…about 6.5:1 on ur call, and UTG probably flat calls the minraise as well, bringing your odds up even higher…

    If you spike an ace ~5% of the time, we’ll assume you win his stack.
    If you’re ahead (lets assume ~10% of the time he could have QQ/KK type hands)

    Its actually a pretty close decision between a call and re-eval on turn, and a fold. If I call, I’m not likely to call any turn bets without spiking the A, but I doubt MP1 fires at the turn without trips or better, so you could figure out if you are ahead pretty safely.

    How’d it play out?

  • Another point I didnt think about – if he has you beat with TT, you have 2 additional Js as outs, making it correct to call his minraise for your 4 outs even if you knew he had it… Interesting.

    The more I think, the more this is a call/re-eval.

  • Belok, are you sure about this call/re-eval? You only have 4 outs, and the odds you are using to make your call/re-eval decision is with 2 cards to come? I think you need to make a decision assuming you’re only going to get to see 1 card, because MP1 is likely to shove on the turn, pricing us out of seeing the river if we don’t hit on the turn.

  • I fold flop as played. if it was HU it would be a different story. he has a J there a large percentage of the time. this is how lots of people would play TT, or AJ. or any J/big kicker.

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