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One of the things I enjoy in my spare time is reading the blogs of other poker players. I like getting an insight into their lives and how they balance poker with work and social life. I have a blogroll down in the sidebar, but I just thought I’d highlight a few ones I like especially and why. These are in no particular order…

Life, Love & Poker – Belok
Belok is a fellow full-ring grinder on PokerStars and I play against him most days. He made the decision to make a run for PokerStars Supernova Elite in 2008 and he is on track to achieve his goal in late December. All year long he has been providing updates on his quest. I’ve also enjoyed his entries on his Wedding (hilarious that he paid for it with FPPs) and his massive bible post on 24-tabling on PokerStars.

RaiderDuck – Poker, Life & Travel
Rohan is one of my best mates and I love reading his blog. You can read about all our adventures from our Vegas trip in June 2008 as well as all the happenings in his life.

Tilt Vicariously – Tiltbad
Plays as tiltbad on PokerStars and posts as PartysOver on 2+2, his blogs are usually highly amusing. He likes to post his funny hand histories as well as share stories from his life.

Bluffing My Way To The Top – Vizer02
Vizer mainly plays 100 and 200nl full-ring and is basically about where I was at about a year ago. He posts lots of hand histories and graphs of his play. He also shares anecdotes from life in college.

A Shifting Perspective – WCGRider
I ahd the pleasure of meeting Doug in real life earlier this year and you couldn’t know a nicer guy. He is known for his outlandish 25nl full-ring prop-bet as well as his LAG approach to full-ring. A video instructor at CardRunners and mod on 2+2 he is known to many in the poker community. He blogs speratically, but when he does they are usually highly enjoyable essays about poker and his life.

VINNY VT – Poker, Business And Free Poker Training Videos
Lately, Vinny has been on his poltical horse trying to rally support for leaglized online poker in the US. Of course, all online poker players support this message. He also has some great training videos on his blog for free that you should definitely check out.

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