Cricket Day 2: Hampton Central vs. Omega

It rained and hailed all morning long and for much of it I was wondering if we would even get any cricket in once it came game time. When we got to the ground there were some puddles on the ground and the pitch was soaked, but there was some blue sky in the distance. At 1:30 the game was able to get underway, but it was still extremely cold and windy.

I was scheduled to come in at number three again and about eight overs in a wicket fell and I was out there. In the first over I faced I edge a ball that bounced surprisingly and it flew through between first slip and wicket-keeper at shoulder height and went for four. With my little bit of luck out of the way I slowly got myself going, but scoring was never easy. The outfield was super slow because of the rain and what was going for four last week, was suddenly only a single this week. We go through to tea at about 2 for 90. Chasing 300 odd we needed to get a move on after tea, so I started to play a little more aggressively and take some risks. Eventually I was caught behind when I spooned an attempted pull shot straight up in the air. I ended up ebing the team’s second highest scorer with 31.

Kelly ended up notching a half century and our partnership was the best of the innings. After I got out I went out to umpire, this time in the central position for much of the time. I had to judge a couple of LBW decisions and then later on at square leg I had to give Jacob out run out. There were a few little cameo batting performances down the order, but we were eventually bundled out for 160 or so

Now that I’ve had a decent amount of time batting in the last two games my cofidence has grown, but at the same time there are a lot of things I still need to work on. My calling for runs is very poor, I’m so used to running most balls and a shorter length at indoor cricket that I’m a bit trigger happy. I’d also like to work on my scoring off short balls, particularly at pace. I feel like my straight bat shots are okay, but my cross bat shots on both sides of the wicket are a struggle.

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