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Whether a newbie or a pro, while playing online poker you are likely to lose some money. This is just a part of the grind, it cant be avoided. Poker is a game of skill but also of luck. You can study and memorize all the best books, guides and odds charts, but can only play the cards that are dealt and hope the probabilities hold up.

Most poker rooms offer Rakeback Deals. For all you grinders, no explanation is required. There is still a surprisingly large amount of online poker players who are not sure what rakeback is exactly. The most basic explanation, rakeback is a way to get back a percentage of the money you have gambled. Win or lose you get a refund!

Online poker rooms usually require you register for rakeback with an affiliate website. Through which you will be linked to the poker room, who will then give a portion of your rake to the affiliate site. Then the affiliate will then return a percentage of that money to you. Simple right, lol!

There are quite a few affiliate websites, some trustworthy and some not. Reputable affiliates will actually pay you all your rakeback earnings. In my opinion ThisIsTheNuts is one of these reputable sites with some of the highest returns available on the internet. They also offer exclusive freerolls tournaments as well as there new rakerace promotions where top rakers can win there share of $75k monthly cash prizes.

In the world of online poker there are those who are on a rakeback plan and those who are out of luck.

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