UIGEA – Online Gaming Laws Get Even Tougher

In the final days of their administration the Republican Party is planning to try and sneak through even tougher restrictions on online gambling in the United States. To all Americans, please unite against this attack on personal freedom and capitalism. Online poker is unfairly under scrutiny because it is a game of skill and the way that these laws have tried to be rushed through before Bush leaves office is a disgrace.

Even if poker weren’t a game of skill, what people do in their own personal home that doesn’t bring harm to anyone else is no business of anyone else. Telling banks that they can’t transact with publicly listed companies in places like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Europe is not an act of a government that is committed to free markets, free trade and small government. It is an act of a of a fanatical, corrupt, hypocritical and desperate group of individuals who can feel their power slipping.

Arguing against gambling on moralistic terms is ridiculous in the first place… Even if it wasn’t, the fact that they turn a blind eye to horse racing, greyhounds and other gambling industries in ‘Red’ states is a true show of how corrupt they are. This is a government intent on passing protection bills for the interests of lobby groups, while pandering to the religious right that they are all about moral values.

Please unite against this crap America! You are supposed to be the home of the free…

Please call the U.S. Federal Reserve and tell them not to approve the UIGEA regulations — Consumer Complaints, 888-851-1920 or Public Affairs, 202-452-2955. And, please write at

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