Indoor Cricket: Kicking Off The Summer Season

After the excitement and drama of last week’s grand final it was time to settle into a new season of Indoor Cricket. We had two changes to the grand final side, with Brad returning from overseas and Cooper making his Agent Orange debut.

We lost the toss and were sent into bat. Cody and I are making a habit of getting the team off to very solid starts with another 30+ total. Next to bat were Mike and Ben who in recent weeks have been fighting some pretty tough fast and full bowling. Ben excelled with his best ever score, he really enjoyed the bounce that the bowlers were giving him and he had time rock back and slap it around.

Our third pairing was Brad and Cooper. Brad was a little under the weather from an afternoon of drinking and Cooper experiencing his first time in the middle for Agent Orange. Brad wasn’t quite his usual self, but Cooper had a debut to remember firing a 26. The highlight of his innings were the two sevens he smacked back over the bowlers head.

We ended up scoring 96, well above par. Our bowling got off to a pretty poor start though, we were unable to defend the first skin of 38, we let them get 42. Our main problem was a failure to take multiple wickets as well as a couple of sevens that we conceeded.

The second bowling skin started much the same way and things weren’t looking good. Once again Cooper came through for the team closing out the skin with a -10 over which included two caughts and a run out. From that point we were well and truly in control of the match. We started the third skin really well conceeding only 6 runs in the first three overs and taking the pressure right off ourselves going into the last.

Overall it was an excellent team performance as well as having a few indivudal stand out efforts. Selection next week is going to be tough with Paul and Berge waiting in the wings and everyone in hot form it is a nice problem to have.

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  • EUREKA!!!

  • So much for tanking in the grading games!
    Well done though. I’ll have to fight hard at training to get a gig.

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