Cricket Day 1: Hampton Central vs. Bentleigh Uniting

We won the toss and elected to bowl on a pretty warm overcast day, there was a nice breeze though so it wasn’t too oppressive. With the long weekend we were missing a few players and had a pretty young line-up. They got off to a pretty good start, the ball wasn’t doing all that much swing wise and they slowly built a total. Once we broke through for one wicket though, we quickly took another two, which is so often the way.

When I came on to bowl the two openers were still out there and the ball had taken a bit of a beating. I was operating from the same end as last game, but this time I was running into a stiff breeze. Right from the outset I struggled to get through the bowling crease and get my length right. My first over was shocking. Throughout my spell I improved, but I still wasn’t happy with bowling four good balls an over and then two pieces of trash that took the pressure right off the batsmen.

The bright news is that I managed to take my first wicket for Hampton Central! It wasn’t a good ball at all, it pitched short and just sat up. The batsman went to play a horizontal bat shot into the onside, but chopped the ball down and I think it rolled off his legs onto the stump. It all happened so slowly I was amazed that the impact was even enough to dislodge the bail, but I’ll take it. I ended up with figures of 1 for 33 off 6 overs, happy to get a wicket but overall disappointed with how I bowled.

Brad was fresh off the plane from his American trip and bowled 8 overs for the day. In his first spell of 6 overs he as getting the ball to move a little, hit the pad a few times. kept things tight but didn’t breakthrough. He was brought back on for two overs at the death when then batsman were throwing the bat at everything (they scored about 100 runs off the last 10 overs). He took two wickets in two overs, one caught behind and the other clean bowled. We actually end up bowling them all out in the final over for 280.

Last week the team proved that we can chase down a smaller total with overs to spare, so I think we are close enough if good enough. Bentleigh Uniting seem like a pretty strong unit though, so I’m sure they’ll have a tought bowling line-up.

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