Indoor Cricket Grand Final

We ahd our first ever Indoor Cricket Grand Final on Wednesday night. We won the toss and I elected to bowl first, we won our semi-final that way an in the qualifying final against the same opponent we had lost badly batting first. We managed to keep them to 86, we chased down 83 in the semi-final so I wasn’t too unhappy with that result.

Our abtting started really well, after three overs Cody and I were on 41, unfortunately I got run out twice in the last over and we ended up making 36. Paul and Ben went out to bat with the job of keeping the runs ticking and not getting bogged down and they did a superb job. They scored 19 runs despite facing the opposition’s best bowlers and I couldn’t have been prouder. With 55 on the board going into our final pairing we were very well placed.

It started disasterously with Berge getting out on the jackpot ball and then the very next ball as well. All of a sudden we were on 40 again, looking down the barrell of a loss. Berge started to connect though and in the second last over victory was looking like a possibility with us needing 15 runs off 7 balls. It wasn’t too be though and we ended up being crowned runners-up for the season.

I couldn’t be prouder off the team and the effort we put in during the finals, despite missing Brad who is one of ours trongest players. The introduction of Cody to the team as well as the coming of age of Berge as an Indoor cricket is heartening going foward. With Mike and Paul toiling hard with their batting I see a very bright future for the team and certainly more victories during the regular season.

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  • I think you should be congratulated for your excellent season at the helm. Glue that holds us together.

    I think an extra special thanks goes out to Berge who got us into the grand final and was unlucky when it came to the last match. You can’t be in form every match as we all know – and considering the -15 off the first two balls and still amassing a pretty decent total – I wouldn’t say he was out of form either. It was by no means the deciding factor – it just appears that way when you are last to bat. Me and Ben should have made a bit more and there were still run outs we could have made. If we get our fielding up a level and keep the batting consistent, it will be a happy Agent Orange team! Good season everyone (except Andy, you were shit 😛 )

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