2008 Year End Poker Target

I’ve been grinding internet poker pretty hard lately. My goal is to reach 600,000 VPPs by year end and at this stage that requires me to average 4,000 hands of poker a day for the next 66 days. I really have no idea how the people that are making a run at PokerStars Supernova Elite VIP level do it.

Meanwhile, I want to try and play some online satelittes for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. I don’t play many poker tournaments online, but I’m hoping 2009 will afford me more time to do so. The PCA, from what I hear, is an awesome experience and I would love to travel to a tropical paradise to play a poker tournament. I also have a tournament ticket to the PokerStars Sunday Million that I’m going to use in the near future when I can be bothered getting up early on a Monday morning.

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