Indoor Cricket Semi-Final Thriller

After 83 games of indoor cricket my team is finally through to a grand final! The semi-final is probably the best game I have been involved in. Every single team member had a hand in the thrilling three run victory and I couldn’t be prouder of the them.

The thrill of victory wasn’t without some heart stopping moments though, we bowled first and were set 80 for victory, in the last couple of overs we twice went past their score only to lose a wicket and falll behind again. Then with one ball to go and us ahead of them, I yelled out for Berge to keep the ball out and to Mike not to run. Well Berge didn’t hear the message so he slapped a shot and headed off for a run. Realising Berge hadn’t got it Mike set off, the opposition had a clear shot at the stumps and thankfully missed, it was a verys cary moment though and would have beena¬† brutal way to lose.

The Grand Final is tomorrow night, so we don’t have too long to prepare. It looks like our line-up will be the same. We lost to the side that we are playing when we played them two weeks ago, but I think we can learn from that game and be a chance of winning it.

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