Cricket Day 1: Hampton Central vs. Mackie

This week was our first home game of the season and I arrived to the news that we had lost the toss and were going to have to field in the 30+ degree temperatures. With a few guys missing from last week’s team I was hopeful of getting a bowl this time around. Ned and Jacob got the team off to a solid start with the ball, keeping it tight and Ned taking a wicket.

Around the 14 over mark I came on to bowl with a bit of a wind at my back. The run up top the pitch was awkward  with a huge pothole just where the pitch area begins. I eased into my first few overs and tried to concentrate on not bowling any bad balls. I ended up bowling a five over spell with a drinks break in between, getting two maidens and ending with figures of 0/14. I was most bowling to the one batsman and I had him fishing outside off stump on five or six occasions and was very unlucky not to get a knick. I was scheduled to get a second spell later in the day, but our off-spinner was keeping things very tight from the end I was bowling from so I didn’t get another look in.

It was a long hot day in the field and I made my first mistake of the day in the third last over when a really simple ground ball went straight through me for four when I was fielding on the boundary. The very next ball I redeemed myself though when a sky ball headed my way and I took a catch just inside the boundary line. At first I ran too far under it, but luckily had time to hustle back and take it.

Thanks to some tight bowling, fielding and some super slow batting we were able to keep them to 7 for 214 off their 65 overs. The outfield was super quick and the ball stopped doing anything after the early overs. Cody and Rossie both bowled great spells of spin in the middle overs where the batsman were going nowhere. Hopefully the conditions are similar next week and we can chase down the runs.

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