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One of the biggest choices a lot of poker grinders face is which online poker room they choose to put the majority of their play in at. The online poker industry is highly competitive and nearly every site has their own VIP program to try and attract customers. As a full ring cash game player the choice for me is really between PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. These are the two major brandings that still allow US players and thus have traffic 24/7 for me to find a game.

A lot of players face the same choice between PokerStars and FTP and a big factor in their decision is whether or not the VIP level they can achieve at PokerStars will outweigh the benefits of rakeback and other promotions at Full Tilt. My FTP account doesn’t have rakeback, so my decisions was made for me. However, I think based on my level and volume of play PokerStars would work out to be the better selection anyway.

So lets take a look at the perks of PokerStars Supernova and I will go through each one and give my honest opinion about how valuable they are and how they could be improved.

Benefits of PokerStars Supernova VIP Status

  • 2.5x FPP rate
    • Each VIP level has a different multiplier. VPPs refer to the base points your earn for every raked hand you play in cash games and each $1 you spend in tournament fees. FPPs are the points you can use in the FPP store or to buy into tournaments.
    • Having an increased rate of earning points is a huge part of the value in being Supernova. You get so much equity out of your FPPs by buying bonuses, buying into tournaments with them, buying merchandise from the FPP store or using the VIP Concierge Service.
  • Bonuses from store
    • I used to buy a lot of these, but in terms of $ per FPP point you get more from the concierge service. Thus, from here on out I’m going to use the concierge wherever possible.
  • Milestone bonuses
    • The milestone bonuses are issued at certain multiples of 100,000 VPP (base points) for a calendar year.
    • The milestone you plan to reach by the end of the year can often be the determining factor in whether or not you should play at PokerStars or not. The more play you can put in for a year, the more rewarding it is going to be to play at PokerStars because the bonuses are weighted towards the further out milestones.
  • VIP store access
    • The VIP store is pretty comparable to Full Tilt and other sites.
    • Unfortunately, a lot of the electronic merchandise isn’t available to Australian’s, but for that we have the PokerStars concierge anyway.
  • Weekly VIP tournaments
    • I never get to play any of these because they start while I am fast asleep (3am). It is extremely disappointing to me that they are always held at the same time of day and skewed for North American participation. I understand that the majority of of VIPs are North American, but surely they could vary the times just a little over the month to give everyone a fair go.
  • FPP buy-ins to major tournaments
    • If you enjoy tournaments and have the time then using your FPPs to buy into tournaments or play in satellite’s is probably the best way to get value from your points.
  • PokerStars VIP Concierge Service
    • This is probably my favourite component of the VIP program. If you want to purchase a large scale item, you can get PokerStars to pay for it for you using your FPP points! All you need to do is send them the receipt and they will reimburse you and deduct your points.
    • I recently used it to buy a laptop and for my entire trip to Sydney for the NRL grand final. I was reading another guys blog the other day and he used it to pay for his wedding!

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