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I’m often asked what Auto Hot Key scripts I use when I play full ring cash games on PokerStars. For those of you who don’t know Auto Hot Key (AHK) is a useful script compiling tool that allows you to automate certain tasks. When you are multi-tabling online poker on a large scale, time is of the essence. Thus, any precious seconds you can save add to your ability to put more hands in.

When I am playing a lot of tables, these days I use four main scripts and I have added links to them below…

StarsPlanner is really handy for quickly buying in and sitting down at tables, as well as sitting out at all of my tables at once.

AutoReloader replenshes my chip stack when it falls below the maximum buy-in with the click of a button. Interestingly, auto-relaod to full is set to become an integrated feature of PokerStar’s software in the future.

UrgentTable precents me from mislcicking my moving my mouse away from the action buttons and brings the most pressing decisions to my attention.

PokerStars doesn’t have a Bet Pot button like Full Tilt does, so the BetPot script pretty much covers that for you. As well as betting full pot at the click of a button, it can also be set to bet other fractions of the pot using other buttons.


Auto Hot Key Download

StarsPlanner Script

Stars AutoReloader Script

Stars UrgentTable Script

BetPot Script

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