Cricket Day 2: Hampton Central vs. West Bentleigh

Going into the days play the opposition were 0-57 chasing our 145 and it looked like the writing was on the wall. The batsman that destroyed us last week was nowhere to be seen though and it was a whole new ball game. We promptly took about 7 for 20 and the game was in our grasp. Unfortunately, the last two wickets (we only needed 9) evaded us for too long and we ended up falling one wicket short of victory. The ball after they scored the winning run we finally took the wicket.

Because of all the success the opening bowlers had there wasn’t much of a look in for the rest of us. My contribution for the match was 2 runs in the batting department and the odd ball picked up as it dribbled towards me in the covers while I was fielding. I still kind of feel like I haven’t properly debut yet, but it was a good easing into the season I think.

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  • Can’t believe you didn’t get a bowl. You would have won the game for the team. I’ll come up and whip the captain into line.

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