My October Goals

October Goals
Earn 62,000 VPPs
– Play 25,000 Hands < 6 Players
– Start reading/posting in 6-max forums
– Finish real estate investment book
– $3,000 of sports wagering at BetCRIS
– Repair my bike for the summer
– Take first wicket at cricket
– Score first runs at cricket
– Improve my diet
– 6 hours a week at gym
– Migrate web sites to new servers and email SEOs

September Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Cross Off Two Life Goals
Join A Cricket Team
– Done, first game is October 4th
Earn 62,000 VPPs
– Just got there!
Re-watch Ringside DC vids

Gym goals…
Go to a spin class
– Didn’t get around to it
Work up to my big swim
– Swimming long distances in a pool is painfully boring and bad for your skin
Finish BetCRIS sports betting wagering
– Odds weren’t good enough for me to be betting there

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