Taking A Shot At Party $5/$10NL

Rohan and I played a session at Party Poker the other day with a couple of $2/$4 and $5/$10 full ring NL tables that were running Sunday afternoon. If you are going to take a shot at a higher limit a great way to do it is with someone of similar experience by your side, sharing the decision making process and making sure you don’t change your usual thought process much or let the money get involved in your decisions.

The games weren’t really all that great, I could have probably found a juicer on Stars or Full Tilt, but it was a good experience nonetheless. We might try and play again, maybe at Ongame next time (where Rohan plays most of his poker). There weren’t really many interesting hands in the short session we put together, but we managed to make a little bit of dough. The thing to come out of it was confidence though, feeling comfortable at that level was a big boost.

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