Lions Get A New Coach

Just over 24 hours ago Leigh Matthews resigned as the coach of the Brisbane Lions and it was today announced that Michael Voss would take over. While I would have been happy for Leigh to have another year and try and get us back in the finals, I think it was an excellent decision on his behalf to step aside before he overstayed his welcome. The game plan over the last two years has been lacking and the second half of this season was even more disappointing than 1998 when we won the wooden spoon. The players played without convinction and we blew numerous leads and winning opportunities.

The hasty decision to install Michael Voss was very concerning to me at first, but then some of my fears were dismissed when it was revealed plans had been in place for a while for Vossy to take over from Leigh. Still, I don’t see what the rush was. Why couldn’t others have the opportunity to apply for the job, you never know who might bring what to the table? A radical change might be just what we need and we might not get that from Michael Voss. I understand the urgency to manage the team list for next year, but surely a one week interview process at the end of the season of a range of potential candidates would have veen the best thing. My suspicion is that Voss would have been chosen at the end of the day anyway, but it would have put to rest any fears he isn’t the man for the job.

Now that the decision has been made though I am right behind the coach and already looking forward to the 2009 season. Michael Voss is the heart and soul of our football club and I really do feel he can inject the passion and pride in the jumper that has been lacking in recent times. I also feel that the re-signing of J. Brown will give the team a much needed morale boost as well. It just seems liked the second half of the season the team was playing under the weight of dragged out contract negotiations with Browny.

The marketability of Voss cannot be underestimated either. The Lions are about to face a massive challenge from the Gold Coast starting up in their backyard and we are going to need someone to be the face of the club for the forseeable future. This is probably something that a John Longmire or Damien hardwick couldn’t have brought to the table.

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