Chinese Karaoke

The other night Emmy and I went out with a few of her friends from work. They were all hanging out at this Karaoke bar near her work. So I went along not really knowing what to expect or with any intention of singing at all. Anyway, it turned out most of them were fluent in Chinese and this place was pretty much a haven for Chinese Karaoke. We had our own private room for the night, with a machine and big projector. All the menus on the machine and stuff were in Chinese and all the songs they were doing were completely foreign to me. It was kind of amusing to watch the video clips and stuff. Chinese punk rock is kinda catchy.

It would have been pretty boring if it wasn’t for this fun drinking game we were playing. It was some sort of variation of Liar’s Dice, basically just a game of bluffing, which appealed to me of course. I wouldn’t mind studying the official rules and maybe some strategy for future instances. We ended up playing it for multiple hours and it was a really fun and unusual night.

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  • That dice game is awesome. The one where you go… Is it the one that you go 4 6s, 5 7s, ??? then you count and if you are wrong you skull the communal glass? Gold game. GOLD. Thanks for reminding me about it.

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