A General Update

I’ve been very slack with my blogs this month and for that I apologise. I’m running low on inspiration/ideas for posting at the moment. August has been pretty good to me so far and I am well on my way to achieving some goals (besides blogging more).

I still have a bit of poker grind work ahead of me to close out the month, but I’m looking forward to it. The last few days I’m been taking some time away from the game and I feel pretty fresh now. One thing I am disappointed with is the amount of study time I have put in this month. I have been visiting 2+2 forums rarely and I haven’t watched as many videos as I would have liked to. I feel like my play, thought processes, but most of all my confidence have suffered.

I have been keeping up with going to the gym, although probably not at the intensity I would like. I’m starting to get a bit of tendinitis in my left foot again, so I have had to ease off the treadmill a bit. I’m not really starting to see or feel any results yet, but I think just getting away from life for a bit at the gym each day is benefit enough, I’m not really looking to bulk up.

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  • i understand your lack of confidence, i think the best solution is some coaching. im available for as little as $400 an hour.

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