Working At The Melbourne Storm Game

I actually did some real world work this week! My good friend Jason Berge is involved in Film and Television and one of his gigs is to be the camera man at Olympic Park for the big screen. He needed a cable runner this week and he asked me because he knew I’d probably be at the Melbourne Storm game anyway and it’d be a good opportunity to get to go out on the field etc.

It was a really fun experience, the job was actually pretty challenging of keeping the cable from getting tangled up or in people’s way. It wasn’t made any easier by the fact that it was a cold and wet night and I couldn’t feel my hands the entire time.

The most exciting bit was getting out on the field and amongst the players post game. He had to film post match interviews, so we were right up close and personal. It was pretty well paid too considering it was a lot of just sitting around and then only a short period of work.

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