My August Goals

July was a pretty sweet month, just for life in general. The only thing that sucked about it was the demise of my football team the Lions. Some of their performances through the month had me depressed for days at time. I held a lot of hope for them this year, but for some inexplicable reason they have lost their way from their good early season form.

Joining the gym was definitely one of the more positive things I did for the month. I’ve been going there nearly every week day around lunch time when it isn’t so busy and it is great. Indoor Cricket and Soccer have been going swimmingly as well. We are undefeated in both for the season thus far and it is pretty amazing how far both teams have come since we first started and would get thrashed every second week.

I am going to designate August ‘hump month’ (ala hump-day). It is mid-year, the depth of Winter, some of my year end goals still seem far away and it is upsetting to think about how much of the year has already flown by. I’m determined to hit the tables hard and put a lot of hands in for the month. I feel like the improvements I have made over the last month or two hold me in good stead going forward and I need to keep the ball rolling. I’ve set a modest target of 50,000 VPPs, but in reality I want more than that. I want to get in a lot of action while poker is on the tip of my tongue and exciting to me, because I know at some point down the track I’m going to burnout.

August Goals
– Set 5 New Life Goals
– Cross off 2 Life Goals
– Be able to do…
45 straight push-ups
50 sit-ups in a minute
Have a resting pulse of 94 after 3 minutes of stepping
3x 10 pull-ups
– Blog more (apologies for the lack of content since I got back from Vegas)
– Bit About Me – Uni
– Start Business Planning
– Earn 50,000 VPPs

July Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed

Earn 40,000 VPPs – Thank you double VPP promo, I would have made it anyway though :)
Move some of my play to Ongame – Done, don’t know whether this was a good idea though. The games are soft, but the software tilts me off the chart
Play 20,000 Hands of 6-max – Does less than 1,00 hands count? This goal wasn’t really all that important to me, once I was running well at full ring I decided to keep a good thing going.
Watch 5 Stox videos
– Joined DeucesCracked this month as well, watched more videos in a month than I ever have before and I feel my play really benefited.
Bit About Me Series – Uni – I have to stop putting these off, but I decided to pump out my essay on Confidence instead
Start pre-season cricket training – Joined the gym and feel like in a month or twos time I will be in the best shape I’ve ever been in
Register for an Open University course – After paying off some HECS I’m not so sure more student debt just for the sake of it is a good idea, I think starting a business is becoming a more attractive prospect by the day.
Pay some HECS debt off

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  • I really need to get to the gym. I used to be uber-fit now I simply can’t be arsed.

    If I were to set life goals similar to yours they would read:

    1.) Be able to do a single pull-up for the first time ever
    2.) be able to do 45 press-ups in a day
    3.) Sit ups, lol
    4.) Don’t have heart attack after 3 minutes of stepping!

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