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Sorry for the delay in posting since I’ve been back, but I have had a lot to catch up on! The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was nothing short of brutal and I am still feeling the effects of it all. I will certainly never be flying Untied Airlines again. The seats were so uncomfortable that my circulation in my legs still hasn’t returned to normal. On top of that they were so slow with my bags that I nearly missed my flight from Sydney to Melbourne

The PokerStars Double VPP Promo ended on Monday and I ended up knocking off about 25,000 VPPs for the week, which I was pretty happy with considering the travel I had to do and the lousy internet connections I was on.

Indoor cricket on Monday was a marathon event, but just what I needed to blow off the rust from my game. We played a double header because we were asked to fill in when another team in another league forfeited. In the first game (the one that counted) we batted pretty lousily, but managed and amazing effort in the field to defend a very low score against a seemingly capable team. In the second one it was an eight a side match, my first ever experience in that format. We played it with only six players and ended up losing by less than 10 runs which was amazing. The quality of the bowling we faced was the best I have ever come across, so it was good not to lose a wicket (I got lucky on a few occasions).

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