Las Vegas to Los Angeles

We were blessed with Free Wireless at Las Vegas airport so we weren’t bored at all between checking out of the hotel and our 3:45pm flight. On the flight from Australia to LAX on the way Hui and I had been wishing we had a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Sure enough at the airport Bose had a booth set up and we both bought a pair (pictured below). They were pretty expensive, but I think they will be worth it. Especially since I’m going to be in desperate need of sleep when we board the flight to Sydney.

The short flight between the LV and LA was once again really bumpy and uncomfortable. We had a 5 hour lay over here until our flight leaves later tonight. We have all managed to log onto the wireless so once again the time will fly. I’ve played a little bit of poker across the day despite being on the go. This laptop is on its last legs, the wireless card has been giving me trouble the entire trip and today as the same. I’m certainly looking forward to getting home on a stable connection, with a great monitor and a good ergonomic setup.

It already feels like it has been a long day and I still have a long ways to go. Hui has pretty good, when we get to Sydney he can go straight home. Rohan and I on the other hand have a little more travel to do heading back to Melbourne and Canberra. I think Hui is going to regret wearing t-shirt, shorts and thongs when he walks out of the airport in Sydney. I’ll probably post a summary blog when I get home, but this will be the last entry while in the US, so thanks to everyone for reading and taking interest. I have another US trip on the cards later this year or early next year.

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