David Copperfield

We’d been trying to decide what Las Vegas show we should go and see and not getting anywhere. When we moved to the MGM we saw that David Copperfield was performing twice every night so we elected to go and see him. So tonight we filed into the Hollywood Theatre inside the MGM Grand and witnessed a Copperfield show that lasted about an hour.

There were about 500 people in the theater and everyone had a table and a pretty close view. We actually had a chance for audience participation when a rubber frisbee thing that he throws out randomly to select people landed at Hui’s feet. He was too pansy to go up there and the opportunity got passed to someone else.

The most impressive illusion he performed was probably making a Lincoln Convertible appear on stage. It was an entertaining show, something different that is for sure, but I can’t say I was completely dazzled. I was just left a tincy bit curious as to how he did some things. Since we got back we’ve been reading up a little on Google, haven’t found any concrete answers yet.

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