My July Goals

Going by my achievement of goals July was an epic fail, but really it was one of my more enjoyable months for a long long time and at the end of the day that is what matters. That said, July will see me return home and I aim to get a lot done. I plan to build on what I have learned and developed while I’ve been in Vegas. Given that we are the halfway point of the year I thought it might be a good time to include some goals for year end.

Year End Goals
– Get to 400,000 VPPs
– 400nl to be my regular game

July Goals
– Earn 40,000 VPPs
– Move some of my play to Ongame
– Play 20,000 Hands of 6-max
– Watch 5 Stox videos
– Bit About Me Series – Uni
– Start pre-season cricket training
– Register for an Open University course
– Pay some HECS debt off

June Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed

Earn 60,000 VPPs – Hotel Internet was sooo rigged against me
Play $2/$5nl live in Vegas
– Attempted to once, never got off the waiting list. I’ll probably try tomorrow!
Read Harrington Cash Game Books – Will be done by the time I get home
Run 35km before Vegas
Prepare Well For Vegas
Watch 10 Stox Videos
Blog 25 Hands
– Didn’t play enough hands to get enough interesting ones I guess.
Bit About Me Series – Uni

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  • Where were you thinking of playing cricket? I’d love to go back to field cricket – in a nice low division of course. haha.

    Missing you dearly.

  • Think Brad wants to do it down his way, but nothing is set yet.

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