Bowling At The Rio, Poker At Planet Hollywood

Yesterday we took a trip to the Rio to check out the World Series action, eat a buffet and go ten pin bowling. Rohan and I hit the buffet while Hui tried his hand in the sit and go satellites for the World Series of Poker. For the day he ended up chopping two of them for a $2500 profit… getting very lucky along the way. He was down to one chip at one stage and ended up coming back.

We had a little prop bet on bowling, we gave Hui favorable odds but I figured I’d be about even money with Rohan. I ended up clean sweeping both games. The score in the respective games was Andy – 135, 158, Rohan – 105, 97, Hui – 80, 101.

After bowling we caught the free shuttle to the strip and walked over to Planet Hollywood. We sat down for a few hours at separate tables and grinded some $1/$2 no limit. Rohan and I both had small winning sessions and there were no real hands of note from my end.

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