Stratosphere Tower, Thrill Rides & Poker

Hui opted not to join us, but last night Rohan and I took a short cab ride down to the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is the tallest building in Vegas and is the north most major casino on the strip. Upon arriving we headed up the lift to the observation deck. It provided spectacular views of both the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas by night. While the views were breathe taking, Rohan and I were really hanging out to go on the rides that they have up there.

One of the rides was closed, so we only got to go on the Big Shot and the X-Scream. We went on the Big Shot first and exactly as the name implies it shoots you straight into the air at 45mph. It was all over very quickly and “4Gs” felt pretty tame. The X-Scream was a different story; it had me sweating a little. Basically you slide down a railing over the edge of the tower and are left hanging with nothing between the ride and the pavement below. I’ve since read that in 2005 the ride broke down and everybody was stuck hanging over the edge for an hour and a half.

After the tower experience we went and played a short session of poker. I had one cooler hand against a short stack, otherwise not really much to report. The most interesting hand at my table involved a drunk guy who had about $600 when I got there and was down to about $350 when this hand came up. The board was KQ4T3 and he shoved about $200 on the river. He then exposed his K5 face up, on purpose!!! And the other guy snap called with KJ… WHAT A GIFT!

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