What Is With Me And Car Crashes Lately?

2008 will be remembered for its car crash stories that is for sure. Earlier in the year I had an accident while driving, then just a month or so ago some nut nearly killed Brad and I on the way home from indoor cricket and now I have another story to tell.

Rohan and I are both friendly online with this guy named Doug, aka WCG|Rider from PokerStars and 2+2. He lives here in Vegas and we are keen to catch up with him while we are here. Doug isn’t 21 yet so he can’t come play live with us. He found this Indian Casino 2.5 hours out of Vegas that allows anyone over 18 (I guess because it isn’t technically US soil. We’d organized to go on a Road Trip with him to play on Monday, with his friend driving us.

About 10pm last night I get a call on my mobile from him and he tells me he has been in a car accident with the friend that was going to drive us being the driver.

Link to 2+2 Thread With More Pictures

So we obviously aren’t hitting the road on Monday anymore… Doug is a lucky man to have survived and the other passengers are lucky he was there to pull them together and avoid further danger. And I’m relieved that it didn’t happen on Monday when Rohan and I would have been in the car…

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