The Golden Nugget

We moved to the Golden Nugget and will be here for a week. Finally we will get to settle in somewhere after a week of checking in and checking out like crazy. The Golden Nugget is located in Downtown Las Vegas, where we have been for the last few days. It is a 4 star hotel, and has been recently refurbished. Which is a bit of a step up from the last two run down places we have stayed at.

We have already played two sessions of poker here and we will probably playing a lot more. It seems to be the best poker room in the Downtown area. We are just waiting for our room service to arrive and after we eat that we are headed out to play.

The swimming pool here is pretty amazing. It has a waterslide going through a big shark tank, which is sitting beside the pool.

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  • If you didn’t already know, if you have played a 4 hour session at the Nugget, you can ask the floorman for a comp ticket, and you can eat at the buffet. It is decent.

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