I Hit The Jackpot… Literally!

Rohan and I headed down to the Poker Room about 9pm and settled in at separate tables for a session of play. I picked up a few hands early, but established a pretty solid image. My first big pot of the night came when there were a few limpers in the pot I raised AK out of the small blind and got a few callers. The flop came KK2 rainbow, I checked and there was a bet and a call behind me. The turn was an 8, I checked again, the bettor checked and the caller put in a very solid bet. At this point I was pretty sure they had a king. I called though, hoping the bettor would consider calling too. She folded and the river was a jack, I shoved my stack in and got called by KQ.

After establishing a really tight image I decided it was time I put it to use and I was just waiting for an opportunity. A guy who had been very active the last few orbits, but looked like he knew what he was doing (ie. A thinking player) opened UTG when it was seven handed. Three players called and I 3bet out of the small blind with K6o. I took it down with a cbet on an A high monotone board. I showed the table just to get inside the guys head and because I really don’t care about giving away anything in a fun ½nl game.

A little after those couple of hands I picked up 55 in middle position with a limper in front of me. I bumped it to $12, got a late position caller and the limper called. The flop came 754 with two spades, the limp/caller checked to me and I made a standard continuation bet. The late position caller didn’t even think and snap shoved nearly $180 (my bet was only like $35 on the flop). The other guy folded and obviously I insta-called. I turned my 55 over, he kept his cards concealed and the turn was a beautiful 5 giving me quads! The river was meaningless and I took down the pot. The other guys showed 99 for just a horribly played overpair. As if I wasn’t lucky enough that I could flop a set against someone who stacks off so light, the good news came next. The Golden Nugget has jackpot bonuses for four of a kind hands as well as straight flushes. The jackpots build over time until they go off; a lot of them are only sitting at $50 because they have recently gone off. Amazingly though, quad fives hadn’t gone off in a while and the jackpot was close to $600!

I had to sign off on a sheet and they marched over $600 in chips to the table. So I was sitting with about $1400 in front of me, with the next nearest stack only about $400 (despite it being a no max buy-in table). About ten minutes later I called Rohan over and he was wrapped as we have 50% of each other for the trip. So all up if you add the jackpot and the hand winnings it’d be one of the bigger profits I’ve made from a single hand of poker… and a pretty good story to tell.

In other news it looks like the road trip to the Indian Casino is back on tomorrow!

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