Shopping At Walmart

We decided on our new place to stay for the next two nights at about 5am this morning, highly disorganised. We have moved to Downtown Las Vegas, a change of pace from the Strip. We haven’t really done much exploring of the Downtown area yet, we spent the afternoon at Walmart.

We took a short cab ride to the Walmart Superstore, it was kind of like a Big W combined with a Bunnings combined with a Safeway. We picked up things like sunscreen, extra luggage, drinks, fruit, snacks, cheap pre-paid phones, electronics and a whole bunch of other stuff. We would have spent about an hour and a half in there.

The cab ride back was a little hair raising. This morning on the way to our new hotel we had a great cab driver who was really friendly and informative. The guy this afternoon was just a complete nutjob. Hui had gotten the customer service desk to call us a cab, and when he arrived after a fair wait he refused to let us in the cab until he confirmed the cab was actually ours. Once in the cab he drove at twice the speed limit, darting in and out of traffic while looking at his cell phone and telling us how bad all the drivers in Vegas are.

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