$1/$2nl At Golden Nugget

Rohan and I hit the tables around midnight, this time managing to get on the same one. The session started really slowly and the game looked pretty bad (tight). There was a older gentleman at the far end of the table from me who was doing a little trash talking and being a little active, other than that everyone was pretty straight forward. As the night wore on the old guy became more inebriated and tilty. He bluffed me out of a pot on the river when I held K high, I commented to Rohan after our session that I would have called with A high, he was just being that active.

My major pot of the night came after he had bluffed me (I had about $270 in front of me at this point and he had me covered). He was raising nearly every pot before the flop, often times to $20 and $25. There were a few limpers in front of me when I was in the cut off and I looked down at 99. My standard would be to raise obviously, but I knew with the old man in the blinds there was a good chance he would raise if it was limped to him and that nearly all the limpers would call and I could make a squeeze play. So I just limped in with 99, the button limped behind, sure enough the old guy made it $25 out of the big blind. 3 limpers called meaning there was a tonne of dead money in the pot and I made it $150 straight, planning to call a shove from the old guy and ship it in on any flop if he called. He tanked for ages and eventually decided just to call the $150, everyone else folded. So we were headed to the flop with a pot over $375 and having about $120 left behind. The door card was a 9, such a pretty card, the board was T92. He checked to me, I thought for a bit and checked behind. He had been so bluffy I was almost certain he’d ship it in on the turn. Sure enough the turn came another ten giving me a full house and he put me all-in. The river was a J and he proudly declared he had a straight, everyone at the table gasped expecting me to have an overpair and for it to be a majorly gross beat. He showed his KQ and I promptly turned over my full house much to the surprise of everyone.

Rohan won a few nice pots himself and we both ended up having a decent win for the session. The game was interesting because there was no maximum buy-in, so towards the end I was sitting with a 300bb stack which numerous players at the table had covered. We will be staying at the Golden Nugget all next week, so I expect to be playing there a lot more often.

There was another set of friends at the table, one each next to Rohan and I. We both got to talking to them about online poker, sports betting and lot of other things. They were both from California and staying Downtown for a little while, we will probably catch them again playing there.

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