Totally Standard Move Up Session

I feel like in the last 24 hours my poker mind has been the sharpest that it has been in quite some time. Therefore, I thought I’d take the opportunity to check out some of the 400nl games on Stars. I haven’t logged many 400nl hands at all in my lifetime, so I’ll be looking for decent games in the next few months to try my hand. This is what my day looked like, totally standard doomswitch day when you move up hehe. 400nl was noticeably tougher, but I had a few brutal hands and some bad play on my part. I might play a session of 400nl later in the trip with Rohan. For the meantime I think I’ll just grind where I am.

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  • What is “400nl,” ” Stars,” “doomswitch” and what what does this graph mean? WHAT IS ALL THIS ANDY? You should have a glossary. ps Emmy thinks you’re a doodle pie with a puff pastry crust.

  • 400nl refers to a poker game which has a no limit or nl betting structure, meaning you can go all-in with all your chips at any time. The 400 is the maximum $400 you can buy in for at the table.

    Stars is PokerStars, the site I play one, Stars for short.

    Doomswitch is something that only superstitious people believe in. They believe that online poker rooms have the power to influence how good or bad the cards fall for a particular player. When you get ‘doomswitched’ you can do everything right in a heap of hands and still lose everytime. I don’t believe in it, I was just joking…

  • gl with ur move, 400NL is the first big step up where u have to think about wat ur opponents think rather than endlessly isolate and value bet.

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