Bally’s $1/$2nl – Say No To Drugs Kids

Rohan and I hit the poker tables at Bally’s tonight, he is there still playing, I had had enough. I basically brokeven for the session and it was pretty uneventful, lost a few small pots, won a few small pots. Rohan looked like he was doing pretty well (we were at different tables).

While Rohan and I were playing poker, Hui was degenerating it up at the blackjack tables trying to earn us enough points for free accommodation and also working for his blackjack stakers who have invested in his luckboxness for the trip. He ended up winning a couple of grand I think.

Hui was done playing and I was bored/tired so I decided to leave with him. Tuscany is walking distance away from Bally’s, but given the time of night and the fact that we were carrying a fair bit of cash on us we decided to go get a cab. On our way to the cab rank we were walking about the Strip when a tall black guy walked up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and offered to sell me Cocaine… I promptly declined and kept walking… I don’t know whether to feel flattered or horrified that I look like someone who’d be interested.

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  • could have been an undercover police officer which it likely was!

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