$1/$2NL At The Venetian

Rohan I woke up at around 3:30am and headed down to the Venetian. It is a fair walk, but so much easier at that time of the morning. It is a really nice time to be out, not a lot of people and no sun beating down on you. The $1/$2nl game at the Venetian is a $300 max buy-in, we both bought in for that and agreed to take 50% of each others action just for kicks.

The game didn’t look as juicy as I was hoping for, I don’t think anybody at the table as drinking and nobody seemed to be all that tired. That said, it turned out that there were a whole bunch of calling stations there anyway, so it made for a good game.

The first real hand I picked up was AQo in the SB, the semi-tight cut-off player opened for $20, leaving about $150 behind. I wanted to 3-bet, but then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the big blind place a chip over his card as if he wanted to play. I had noticed him do this a previous time and then raise when it got to him. So I figured he had a hand of some strength, I was then kind of torn between folding and calling. I opted to call, hoping that the big blind would just call and I could see a flop, despite being in horrible position post flop I was confident AQ was a strong enough hand and the players were bad enough for it to be a profitable situation. The big blind ended up coming over the top, his whole demenour just read strength so when it was folded to be I insta-folded. He showed his AA face up.

Not long after I picked up KK in late position with a couple of limpers in front of me, I bumped it to $17. I got called in two spots and the flop came K22 rainbow. It was checked to me and I checked it through, I had the deck crippled, no sense in betting. The turn was something meaningless like a 7 or something. I was amazed with the first player to act led for like $20 and then second player promptly raised to $60. Basically anything I do at this point screams strength. If I shove it looks like I have a monster, if I flat call it looks just as big. I opted to flat call, knowing that the original bettor was going to be getting massive pot odds to call the extra $40.

The river was an ace, it was checked to me and I bet $120, enough to put the guy who raised on the turn all-in. The first guy to act thought and thought and then called, the second guy folded. He showed AJ and I took a very nice pot.

Another hand of note AK vs AK all-in pre-flop against a guy who had about $150 behind and was pretty horrible. I asked him if he wanted to turn his cards face up to run it and he agreed, I turned mine up and he opted not to show his… The flop came KKx and I gave a little fist pump, the turn and the river blanked and he gave a wry smile and slowly rolled over his AK… douche bag.

Rohan had a few monster hands himself, there was a hand where he flopped a set with 44, the turn brought a third flush card and it looked like one of the other two players probably had it, the river paired the board and he doubled up through a guy with the nut flush who took ages to call. I knew exactly what Rohan from the way he played it so I was rooting so hard internally for the guy to call on the river.

In the end we both ended up leaving the table with about $630 each, so a $300 odd profit. A very good start to our live cash game play for the trip. We were unlucky yesterday with the satellite tournament, so it was nice to have a win today and get rewarded for getting up early. My body clock is way out of kilter right now, but I really like it. It is good to break up the monotony of getting up at the same time every day for a change.

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