WSOP Satellite Bad Beat

Woke up after a solid 11 hour sleep and played a few thousand hands online. Ran like a dog as is completely standard for me last few sessions. We then headed to the Rio, the home of the World Series of Poker. They have a massive Buffet there so we dined out on that before heading to the tournament area. After wandering the hundreds and hundreds of tables filled with many big name pros we decided to try our luck playing a $175, winner takes all satellite.

We were all on the same table as each other and agreed to take 1/3 of each others action each, the variance of a winner takes all format is fairly high obviously. Hui, aka the luckbox, who constantly defied mathematics with his blackjack and poker play was again in full swing. He survived early when he was all-in pre-flop with JJ and managed to crack the other guys AA. He then must have racked up about 5 other big pocket pairs, catching sets a couple of times.

For me it was a case of being pretty card dead, I picked up AA early when the blinds were $25-$25, I threw in a $100 chip thinking it was a raise, but of course its a call (such a live poker donk). Ended up getting a few other limpers behind and the flop came KJx all hearts, I had A hearts and my raise of some guys mini-donk bet took the pot down. So that was a bit of an in-auspicious start, I probably would have got more value if my raise had counted. From there I survived just by shoving all-in and picking up the blinds a lot. It got down to five players and Rohan, Hui and I were all still in. There was an absolutely donkey call station in seat 1 and a guy who had a rough idea what he was doing in seat 2, we would have had about half the chips in play, looking strong for one of us to pick up the win.

I got whittled down to a point where I had to shove blind vs blind against Rohan with 42o and he promptly made a pot odds call with 53o. He flopped a 5 and it was all over for me, I was glad to lose my chips to him though. From there I didn’t see the action, but Rohan tells me he had one of them all-in Q5 vs Q3 and lost and then AQ vs AT all-in pre and lost. So Hui soon eliminated him and had a dominant 6,000 vs. 2,000 vs. 2,000 lead. They offered him a deal of each taking $500, pretty horrible given the stacks, so of course he refused.

He then went on to bust out 3rd… pretty sick. So Vegas day one looks like a loser, but we go ourselves in an awesome position and things just didn’t go our way. I’m going to go grind another few thousand hands now, hit the gym, go for a swim, take a nap, have some dinner and go hit the live cash game tables in the early hours of the morning when the inebriation levels (of others) are high.

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